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The story of Rhare Recruitment

We have been involved in the recruitment & headhunting game since 2008. The number one reason why companies succeed, struggle or fail is directly related to who they hire and how their hiring strategy is being organized and executed. The success of all hires, from entry-level to CEO depends on this. It is here where you see the importance and impact of a dedicated recruitment partner like Rhare.

The best results with an authentic approach. We are happy to lead the way in recruitment, which has been dominated for years by a mainly numbers-driven, automated and unpersonal approach. Along the way we have forgotten that recruitment is a craft where a personal and authentic approach should always be leading. Rhare represents this view and embraces the fact that we are in a human-to-human business that deserves a likewise approach. Instead of working with automated networking systems and algorithms, every touchpoint throughout Rhare’s process is personal. Not because we are against the automation of things, just because at Rhare we love people and contributing to their personal growth in a sincere and authentic way. Feels good right?

Our core values

Commitment – Always do the best you can
Curiosity – Have an open mind and ask questions
Authenticity – Have to courage to be yourself
Honesty – The fastest way to prevent making mistakes into failures
Friendliness – Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how

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